"Proceed as the path opens"
-Quaker quote


What is a Life-Cycle celebrant?

A Life-Cycle celebrant is a ceremony specialist  whose main mission is to create a ceremony that reflects the beliefs, culture , background and values of the people involved.  They write and perform ceremonies that are civil, secular, nondenominational, spiritual, multi-cultural and interfaith.  

Are you an ordained minister?

I am not a religious leader or spiritual councilor, but I am ordained through the Universal Life Church and can legally marry a couple  in the state of Colorado. I am not a Justice of the Peace, but often officiate civil or secular weddings as well as spiritual.

What does the name Winding Road Ceremonies mean?

It is a metaphor for our life journey…twisting, meandering, winding, uphill, over the hill, under the hill. You get it.

How long do your ceremonies take?

It is up to my client how long they want the wedding, funeral, or house blessing that they have hired me for.  Typically any one of those customized celebrations last from 25-45 minutes from the beginning to the end. Pre-scripted ceremonies are more likely to last 5-20 minutes.

What do you wear?

I have black suits, grey dresses, or flowy pastel skirts and tunics. It all depends on the type of ceremony and degree of formality it calls for. I do not wear a robe like a judge or pastor might, but I do have a favorite stole that is appropriate at times. If there is something specific you would like me to wear we can always discuss it.  I am all about costume weddings!

What kind of rituals might you write into our wedding ceremony?

There are so many rituals that can make a wedding meaningful and help you cross that threshold. There is breaking the glass, the wine ceremony, hand-fasting, unity candle, jumping the broom and others. Or we can create a one-of-a-kind ritual specific to your celebration.

Should we have a wedding rehearsal?

I think a wedding rehearsal is a great idea, especially if the wedding is complex and the wedding party is large.  I like rehearsals because it gives me a chance to connect with some other members of the wedding party before the big day.  If it is a smaller wedding or not as many elements involved, a rehearsal probably is not necessary.

How do we go about getting a wedding license?

I will go over the details of getting a license at our first no-obligation meeting. Wherever you plan to marry is the state in which you must get your license. And please take note, a license that is more than 60 days old, or no license at all at the ceremony, means that I cannot legally marry you.

Do you perform civil unions and same sex weddings? 

Yes! I would be honored to write and officiate your wedding with whoever you wish to marry.  The process is the same. We can talk about the pronouns and specific wording that you are most comfortable using.

Do you do destination weddings?

Yes…I travel. 

How far in advance do you get booked?

For a wedding, I advise booking your officiant 6-8 months in advance.  But if it’s less than 6 months…or 2 weeks, please call me to see if I am available.  Elopements are fun too!

What if we do (or do not) want to write our own vows?

Writing your own vows can be a lovely labor of love, but it is not for everyone.  You can write your own, I can consult with you as you write them, or I can point you to some very beautiful options of vows that are already composed.

How can you write a love story for a wedding or a eulogy for a celebration of life when you have not known the couple/person  over a period of time?

Through face-to-face meetings and a well-crafted questionnaire that you will fill out for me, I am able to capture the essence of the story.  I will submit my completed version to you for your unlimited access for review and revision till it hits the spot. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly I can hone in on the authentic storyline and personalities that I work with and represent

If I want a memorial service or celebration of life for my loved one who died 1 year, 10 years, 50 years ago, can you do that? 

To remember and recall a loved one on a special anniversary of theirs or at a location that was special to them can be a very healing and grace-filled experience for the survivors.  I would be honored to do that for you. 

What if the deceased was not a nice person?  What if family members didn’t like him or her? What kind of eulogy would you write for a person like that?

I will always attempt to write a eulogy that is an honest and authentic reflection of the deceased, that honors the life of that person but does not sugar coat it.  There are ways to attain this, and in the end the person that hires me will have full decision on the final version. It is similar in the situation of a suicide or violent death.  It is important that the ceremony is as honest as possible while being sensitive to what the closest family members are going through.  All funerals can be a celebration of life.

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