"Two roads diverged in a wood,
and I-- I took the one less traveled by. 
And that has made all the difference."
–Robert Frost

Other Ceremonies

We cross so many thresholds in our lives-some are small like a first job, changing schools, first menses. Some are large like getting married and having a loved one die. Even though the most significant thresholds get the big ceremonies-weddings and funerals-the ‘other’ thresholds can be hugely important turning points in life. We so often do not acknowledge many of these other thresholds. Life transitions could be handled so much more smoothly if time and attention were given in the form of a formal or casual ceremony to help launch us into a new stage of life.

But in the big picture, many of us travel from one important change in our lives to another with narry a nod or word of acknowledgement. 

Some of the other ceremonies that I can write and officiate for you are house blessings, bride blessings, baby namings, adoption ceremonies, retirements, pet memorials and divorce rituals. This list is just a beginning. Those ceremonies that you can do yourself and find great meaning in are endless. There is a child’s first job, release from prison, leaving home for the first time, embarking on a hero’s journey such as a backpacking trip across country or going into the military, or leaving for the Peace Corps. The change being honored may be leaving a job or getting fired, getting a promotion or breaking ground for a building project. Ritual has the power to move people from one place of being and way of thinking over into a new way of being and thinking. It can help the people make the transition on an emotional, spiritual and physical level. I believe in the power of ritual.

Winding Road Ceremonies

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